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The production of animal nutrition is so much more than just providing higher yields for farmers. Quality supplements for feed contribute to animal health and welfare, which is our long-standing mission. Farmers help us fulfill this mission by providing us with the right information, as they always know what is best for their livestock.

Therefore, our production process does not start in the laboratory, but in the farms, in close collaboration with the farmers. Their input is crucial to the creation of the perfect nutritional solutions.

In return we choose high quality raw materials with traceable origin and we create the best additives mix. We even create custom made high-qualitysolutions when needed. Researches, standards and consultations with world-wide consultants are just the necessary steps on the road to providing the highest quality products.

The quality of our products is a top priority, as it makes a direct impact on the food our children eat and the food the children of the world eat. Being a family-oriented company, we are proud to be part of the process of providing healthy food for everyone!




Our long experience in supplying vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other elementary components for animal feed has given us special expertise in selecting the right ones. Having high quality ingredients is the basis of every good product.



Greenagro’s experience in animal nutrition and global network of nutritionists enables us to formulate and produce high quality premixes. Ingredients are carefully chosen and formulations are adapted to farmer’s raw materials, condition and needs. Our automated production process enables us to have high control over our production processes.

feed additives

feed additives

Feed Additives, like probiotics, yeasts and acidifiers have high importance in animal health, and healthy animals produce more quality products. Our feed additives are specifically chosen to address certain issues, and boost immunity in animal health.

feed additives

Feed raw-materials and forages

Greenagro is a distributor of processed raw-materials and forages. We export Macedonian sun cured alfalfa hay as well as other agricultural goods such as yellow corn barley, sugar beet pulp, soy products, sunflower products etc.


for poultry, cattle and other animals










Greenagro provides proven support to poultry farmers for decades. The company is constantly committed to raising the quality of poultry farming to a higher level, when talking about both commercial layers and broiler chickens.

Our nutrition recommendations which are designed by animal nutritionists and poultry specialists are carefully adapted to the age, the genetics, and the production abilities of the poultry. At the same time, we customize the recipes for each farm, depending on which feed components (link ingredients) are available by the most affordable price. We believe that there is always room for improvement in the area of poultry nutrition and we are constantly working on innovative solutions in this field.


Our pig nutrition strategy created byan experienced team of animal nutritionists and veterinarians supports farmers through all the challenges of pig farming.

Our specially formulated products allow pigs toreach the highest levels typical for their genetics by complete fulfilment of their nutritional requirements. Rapid growth and increased weight gain, while at the same time taking maximum care of the health of the animals are the highest goals of our work.


Greenagro produces and exports components for animal feed to ruminant farms around the world.

Our experienced animal nutritionists adapt the nutritional recommendations for the animals depending on the location of the farms and the climatic factors that the animals are exposed to, in order to provide the animals all the necessary nutrients for optimal health and productive potential.


Animal nutrition


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